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Studiometry 16.1.2 Crack + License Key [Mac/Win] Free 2023

Studiometry 16.1.2 Crack + Serial Key Free Download

Studiometry 16.1.2 Crack can buy customer details, contacts, jobs, dos, money, timer, invoices, experience, staff, and more. Features a network, multiple employee support (with permissions and hourly controls), joint research with all the information, and a number of resources. A clean and useful tool that gives you an organized overview of your daily work and with a lot of fun features. It is a sports graphics interface with a lot of great tools.

Studiometry License Key 2022 comes with several custom models that include categories, models, channels, etc. They can be changed via the edit menu. Weekly hourly rates may be set. It shows you if the project is over budget and will notify you of late work and invoices. Studiometry License Key also publishes comprehensive reports on employee work and projects for you to keep up with. You can manage clients, projects, contacts, logs, to-do lists, calendars, and invoices and use a travel timer. Overall, Studiometry is a very useful application that allows you to plan your daily activities and mix them with the cloud.

Studiometry Crack + Torrent 2024 Free Download

Studiometry Torrent gives you an organized overview of your daily activities. This allows you to monitor projects from start to finish as a business management tool. The software does not take long to install and it does not come with any complex configuration that you need to complete before you can use it. Studiometry Crack Torrent is a sport in the field of pure and intuitive photography with a lot of fun tools. There are many software solutions that help you organize your schedule and work throughout the day. One of these is Studiometry.

Internet-based options can now be downloaded to mobile phones at cloud.oranged.web! This means you can include elements in your Studiometry information on any phone, including iOS and Android phones and tablets. This could be a new model solution to integrate your information into cell components and work with the Studiometry application on Mac / Home windows in addition to Contact Studiometry on iOS.

Studiometry 16.1.2 Crack + License Key [Mac/Win] Free 2023

Main Features Of Studiometry Crack:

General Tracking Features:

  • Track Clients
  • Track Vendors
  • Track Projects
  • Track To Do’s
  • Track Debt/Credits and Work items
  • Track Invoices
  • Track Reports
  • Track Purchase Orders
  • Track Incoming Payments
  • Track Retainers
  • Contact Logs, with customizable filterable Types
  • Accounting information including business expenses and recurring expenses

Project Tracking:

  • Track Project Information such as name, start date, due date, more
  • Track Project Categories and Statuses (based on customizable lists)
  • Live/Non Live Feature allows you to archive the Project within the program
  • Color code Projects based on Category, Status, or Custom colors
  • Unlimited Custom Project Fields know as Project Specs
  • Project Spec suites allow you to easily add Multiple Specs to a Project
  • Track Project Related Files on your local machine
  • Project File Actions automatically start and stop timers when opening and closing project Files
  • Access, Download, Upload, and Check-Out Served Files from your Studiometry Server
  • Project-Specific Default timers and Timer rounding
  • Associate a Project Image for each Project
  • Project Specific Tax settings and Tax behaviors
  • Pro-Bono Project Options
  • Public/Private Project Options with the ability to assign or block employees from each Project
  • Project Notes and Logs
  • Project Default Currency
  • Track Project Work item as Debt/Credits
  • Create Invoices from tracked Work items
  • Project Templates based on To Do and Spec suites will automatically set up your Project upon creation

Project Planning:

  • Project amount Quoted and Estimated hours fields
  • Project amounted Quoted and Estimated hours can be entered, calculated by categories, and itemized based on Debt/Credits
  • Project Budgeting, Estimating, and Quoting features
  • Specific hourly and amount totals and comparisons for each Debt/Credit type
  • Printable Estimates and Quotes
  • Generate Estimates and Quotes using the Reports features
  • Project Specific GANTT chart
  • Multi-Project GANTT charts
  • Company-wide GANTT chart
  • GANTT chart dependencies
  • GANTT chart employee assignments
  • GANTT chart milestones
  • GANTT chart color coding
  • Project specific To Do’s
  • Assign Employees to specific projects
  • Associate Contacts with specific projects

Work/Expense Tracking:

  • Track billable items and expenses
  • Item Modes include Billable, Non-Billable, Purchase Order, and Estimated
  • Track hourly work items via Timers and Time Sheets
  • Track recurring expenses
  • Track discounts and deposits
  • Description List Tracking capabilities will Auto-Fill common Work Item Descriptions
  • Customize Debt/Credit types with default rates and tax settings
  • Non-Billable Option for tracking work that will not be added to invoices
  • Track Quantity and Unit Price, also allowing you to use the built-in Inventory features
  • Mark-Up Options
  • Per-Item Rates and Hour tracking, with individual Ran-Times
  • Per-Item Tax options allow you to assign specific taxes to specific types or items

Time Sheets:

  • Enter large amounts of data quickly using the Time Sheet features
  • Studiometry automatically assigns rates based on your settings for Client, Project, and work type
  • Modify, create, and delete multiple items simultaneously
  • View Time Sheets based on Client, Project, Employee, and Dates
  • Print and Export filtered Time Sheets

Rates and Timers:

  • Keep an unlimited amount of Rate types
  • Assign Rates based on employee, client, project, or specific
  • Associate timers with specific employees
  • One-Button Timer starters for each Client/Project using specified rates
  • Run One or Multiple Timers simultaneously
  • View Real-Time totals for all timers
  • Idle-Time alert options give you the ability to keep or remove billed time when your computer goes idle
  • Enter large amounts of work using the Enter Time Sheets feature

Client/Contact Tracking:

  • Client Name, ID, Email, Address, Notes, and more
  • Track Client Categories with a customizable list of categories
  • The live/Non-Live Feature allows you to archive the Client within the program
  • Track Projects, Contacts, To Do’s, and Payments associated with Clients
  • Client Retainer Tracking
  • Retainer Custom Adjustments
  • Track an unlimited number of Contacts for each Client
  • All Standard Contact information fields including Names, Titles, Email, Addresses, Phone Information, and more
  • Contact Picture used throughout Studiometry
  • Contact Billing Information Tracking
  • Contact Log Tracking Capabilities
  • Contact Notes
  • Syncing Options on a Per Client basis for Apple’s Address Book
  • One Button map and direction lookup with the ability to specify which map site to use

To Do/Event Tracking:

  • To Do Tracker for filtering, viewing, editing, and printing lists of To Do’s
  • Description List Tracking capabilities will Auto-Fill common To Do Descriptions
  • Assign To Do’s to Clients or Projects, or leave the To Do as independent
  • To Do Priorities
  • Due Dates and Times with notifications of over due and upcoming items
  • To Do Extra Info tracking
  • To Do Next Step Tracking
  • Assign Specific Employees to each To Do
  • Repeating capabilities allow you to have a to do repeat every day, week, month, year
  • Customizable Suites allow you to easily add multiple To Do’s to a Client or Project

Summarizing and Reporting:

  • Generate customizable, multi-tiered summaries
  • Store, load, export, and import templates and preset summary formats
  • Filter summaries based on item mode, category, status, filter string, dates, and more
  • Filter the calendar based on Employee, Client, Project, and Search strings
  • View, print, and export custom summaries


  • View Invoices, To Do’s, Events, and Project Due dates in the built-in Calendar
  • Monthly and Weekly views
  • View Each employee’s specific calendar
  • Filter the calendar based on Employee, Client, Project, and Search strings
  • Easily drag the mouse on the calendar to create Events or To Do’s

Contact Logs:

  • Track interactions with Contacts
  • Customizable Contact Logs Type list
  • Assign Logs to specific Projects
  • Track hours for Contact Logs
  • One-Button Debt/Credit creation lets you easily bill for Contact Logs
  • One-Button To Do/Event creation lets you easily add Contact Logs to your Studiometry calendar
  • Contact log tracker allows you to easily search through logs based on Client, Project, Contact, and a search string

Payment Tracking:

  • Payment amount and Currencies
  • Payment methods Credit Card, Check/Money Order, Cash, Online, and Other with specific fields
  • Assign Payments to Clients, Projects, Invoices, and Contacts
  • Assign Payments to Client Retainers
  • Payments assigned to Invoices to calculate the remaining amount due for the Invoice
  • Payment totals for Projects, Clients, Invoices
  • Built-In Payment tracker with ability to filter by Project, Client, and Dates

User Info:

  • Company Contact, Address, Phone Information
  • Company Logo
  • Payment Terms
  • Tax ID Information
  • One-Button Company Info Import from Apple Address Book
  • One-Button Company Info Import from Studiometry Server

Invoice Templates:

  • Invoice Template System
  • Numerous built-in and modifiable Visual Invoice Templates
  • Numerous built-in and modifiable Code Based Invoice Templates
  • Numerous built-in and modifiable Visual Report Templates
  • Numerous built-in and modifiable Code Based Invoice Templates
  • Multi-Page output and printing of Code Based Invoice and Report Templates
  • Multi-Page templates, output, and printing of Visual Invoice and Report Templates
  • Hundreds of Variables allow you to add any information track in Studiometry into your Invoice Templates
  • Completely Customizable Templates
  • Built in Visual Template editor allows all users to drag and drop elements of an invoice template to show the desired look and information
  • Page Layout features, including Text Boxes, Variable Items, Pictures, Graphic Objects, Data Columns, Data Rows
  • Built-in Code Template editor allows advanced users to enter code which Studiometry will manipulate and export
  • In-Program Email Features
  • In-Program Printing
  • PDF Export
  • Plain Text Export
  • XML Export
  • HTML Export
  • JPG Export

Employee Features:

  • Track unlimited Employees
  • Assign Employees to To Do’s
  • Assign Employees to Projects and GANTT chart items
  • Assign Employees to Debt/Credit work items
  • Assign specific log-in information for each Employee
  • Admin and Standard Employee types
  • Employee-Specific Default Timers
  • Track Employee Contact Info
  • Employee Notes
  • Automatically Tracks Employee Attendance Records based on server connections
  • Employee Reports allow you to export employee information for specific Time Periods
  • Can copy permissions between Employees
  • Per-Employee permissions to limit access to the following parts of the Program
    – View Client Data
    – Edit Client Data
    – Create Delete Clients
    – Create Vendors
    – Edit Vendors
    – View Vendor List
    – Assign Items to Vendors
    – View Contact Data
    – Edit Contact Data
    – Create/Delete Contacts
    – Edit Projects
    – Edit Project Info
    – Edit Project Settings
    – Edit Project Files
    – Edit Project Planning
    – Edit Project Notes
    – Edit Project People
    – View Project Summary Tab
    – Create/Delete Projects
    – View Debt/Credits
    – Edit Debt/Credits
    – View/Edit Other Employees’ Debt/Credits
    – View/Edit Other Employees’ Projects
    – View/Edit Other Employees’ To-Dos
    – Create To-Dos
    – Edit Timers
    – Edit other Employee’s Timers
    – Create Time Sheets
    – View Time Sheets
    – View Rates
    – Use Inventories
    – View Inventory Totals
    – View/Edit Payments
    – View/Edit Accounting Sections
    – View/Edit Invoices
    – View/Edit Reports
    – Edit the Employee section of the Preferences Window
    – Edit Tax Settings
    – Access Served Project Files

ID Numbering:

  • Sophisticated ID Numbering Options
  • Separate Client ID, Project ID, and Invoice ID formats
  • Format Templates with available tags for entering information directly into the ID
  • Invoice ID behavior allows tracking ID numbers based on Project, Client, or Program Wide
  • Project ID behavior allows tracking ID numbers based on Client, or Program Wide
  • Identical ID Notification asks you what to do when multiple items of the same class have the same ID number
  • The invoice ID management section of Invoice Tracker allows easy comparison and resolution of identical ID numbers
  • Specific Tags Available include Client, Project, or Invoice number, Date information, and more

Security Options:

  • Password Protection
  • Data Encryption
  • Idle-Lockout Options
  • Per-Employee Login and Password
  • Employee Specific Permissions


  • Server/client networking features built into the program
  • Automatic Synchronization of all Program Data
  • Mac and Windows networking compatibility
  • Local and remote networking abilities, connect to your over your LAN, or the Internet
  • Multiple Time Zone support with automatic relative time zone detection
  • Wired and wireless network support
  • Automatically checks and synchronizes updates to machines that were not connected to the network on the next connect
  • File Serving
  • Check-In/Check-Out feature for shared files


  • Quickbook .iif files
  • Expense Report Information
  • Invoice Tracker Information
  • Payment Tracker Information
  • To Do Tracker Information
  • Invoices and Reports
  • Client List Export Wizard
  • Contact List Export Wizard
  • Project List Export Wizard
  • Time Sheet Information
  • Summaries Window gives you the capability to export HTML or text-based summaries of clients, contacts, to-do’s, projects, debt/credits, invoices, reports, and payments sorted and filtered based on many fields

System Syncing:

  • Sync directly to and from Apple’s Address Book
  • Automatically Create an Address Book group for Studiometry contacts
  • Studiometry has the ability to only sync certain contacts with Address Book, giving you control over what is synced
  • Studiometry does not require Apple’s Address Book, as it tracks contacts locally in the Studiometry database
  • Sync To Do’s, Due Dates, and Project deadlines to iCal
  • Updates and changes made in iCal automatically sync back to Studiometry
  • Status Item menu appears near the Clock on Mac OS X systems allows access to the program and features

Mail Merge:

  • Send mass email to specific Clients or Contacts
  • Create Subject and Message content with tags for specific data including Contact Information as well as specific Balances
  • Send the email directly through Studiometry with the in-program Email Features
  • Send the email through Apple Mail using a built-in Apple Script

Tax Settings:

  • Maintain an Unlimited number of Tax types
  • Customize the Name and Percent for each tax
  • Tax Rounding Capabilities
  • Several Tax modes, including Standard, PiggyBacked, and Canadian
  • Associate taxes with entire projects, or specific items
  • Associate taxes with Debt/Credit types

Currency Settings:

  • Maintain an Unlimited number of Currencies
  • Automatic Online updating of Exchange Rates
  • Option to save Exchange Rates on a Per-Item basis for Debt/Credits and Payments, allowing for more accurate data preservation
  • Currency Sign, Online Tag, Exchange Rate, and symbol placement options
  • Currencies can be set for work items, projects, clients, invoices

Billing Settings:

  • Payment Terms
  • Tax ID Number
  • Invoice Due-In Days allows you to specify how Studiometry will calculate the due date for newly created invoices
  • Timer Inactivity features allow you to have Studiometry ask what to do with timers when you go away from your computer running timers
  • Timer Rounding Settings
  • Always Round Up option

Color Coding:

  • Color Code Projects and Clients
  • Set up automated Colors for Project Category, Project Status, or Client Category
  • Option to Color associated To Do’s, Invoices, Payments, and all items in the Search Window
  • Set specific clients or projects to override color automation

Program Memory:

  • Auto-Complete Capability for the Debt/Credit and To Do editing window
  • Option to turn on/off the auto-complete feature
  • Option to turn on/off the auto-complete description capture
  • Editing Window for the Auto-Complete List
  • Abbreviations allow you to type a small string and have Studiometry automatically replace the string with a longer string
  • Import and Export Abbreviations
  • Option to turn on/off the abbreviations in the Debt/Credit and To Do description fields
  • Option to turn on/off the abbreviations in the Debt/Credit and To Do extra info fields

Miscellaneous Preferences:

  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Backup Limitation options by size, number of files, time period
  • Automatic Program Update checks


  • Manage multiple company data files using the built-in Multi-Company features
  • Built-In Studiometry Tips viewer
  • Status Window shows the saving status, network status, and more
  • Customizable Toolbars saved on a Per Employee basis
  • Alerts window shows when Invoices, To Do’s, are overdue, when Recurring Debt/Credits have been created, or when Automated Invoices are created
  • Auto-Fill combo boxes allow for easier selecting of Clients and Projects

Multiple Localizations:

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese (European)

What’s New in Studiometry Crack?

  • Bookmarks.
  •  thx OmrSi/marb99.
  • Spell make sure to check too.
  •  keep the “Use always” replace list option.
  •  Option to have a single line on top.
  •  Add shortcuts Modify selection.
  •  Format “OGM chapters”.
  •  Include format “sptx”.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, VISTA…
  • RAM: 2GB RAM
  • HDD: 500 MB Free Space.
  • CPU: 3 GHz processor.

How To Install?

  1. Download software from the button.
  2. Install it after downloading.
  3. Extract the zip file.
  4. Run the setup.
  5. All is Done.
  6. Enjoy!

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