Tag&Rename 3.9.15 Crack + Keygen Free Download [2024]

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 Tag&Rename 3.9.15 Crack + Keygen Free Download [2024]

 Tag&Rename 3.9.15 Crack + License Key Free Download

Tag&Rename 3.9.15 Crack steps in as your one-stop solution for music file organization and editing. This powerful, free software empowers you to take control of your music collection, ensuring your digital tunes are meticulously arranged and easily accessible. Tag&Rename License Key Free is a feature-rich application designed specifically for managing and organizing music files. It allows you to edit tags (metadata) embedded within audio files, such as artist name, album title, track number, genre, and even lyrics and cover art. Tag&Rename goes beyond basic editing, offering powerful renaming capabilities based on existing tag information, file names, or even custom formulas.

Why Use Tag&Rename Keygen?

  • Eliminate Confusion: Standardize file names for a consistent and visually appealing music library.
  • Effortless Searching: Find specific songs with ease using accurate and detailed tags.
  • Enhanced Playback Experience: Enjoy seamless playback with properly tagged files compatible with various music players.
  • Save Time and Frustration: Automate repetitive tasks like renaming or tagging hundreds of files in a single batch.
  • Unlock the Potential of Your Music: Discover hidden gems in your collection by effortlessly filtering and sorting based on tags.

 Tag&Rename 3.9.15 Crack + Keygen Free Download [2024]

Key Features of Tag&Rename Crack:

  • Extensive Tag Editing: Edit a wide range of tags, including artist, album, title, track number, year, genre, comments, lyrics, and cover art.
  • Batch Processing: Process multiple files simultaneously, saving you countless hours of manual editing.
  • Flexible Renaming: Rename files based on existing tags, folder structure, custom formulas, or a combination of all three.
  • Import and Export: Import tags from online databases like freedb or export tags to external files for backup or sharing.
  • Powerful File Mask Editor: Utilize a robust mask editor to create complex renaming patterns based on tag information.
  • Unicode Support: Works seamlessly with files containing characters in various languages.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Clean and intuitive interface makes navigating Tag&Rename’s features a breeze.
  • Free and Regularly Updated: Enjoy the benefits of a free program with ongoing updates from the developer.

Getting Started with Tag&Rename 3.9.15

  1. Download and Installation: Download Tag&Rename 3.9.15 from the official website (softpointer.com) and follow the installation instructions.
  2. Adding Files: Drag and drop your music files or entire folders into the Tag&Rename interface.
  3. Editing Tags: Select the files you want to edit and double-click on a specific tag to modify it.
  4. Batch Renaming: Click the “Rename” tab and utilize the mask editor or presets to define your renaming criteria.
  5. Preview and Execute: Preview the renaming changes to ensure they align with your expectations before applying them permanently.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

  • Organize by Genre: Use Tag&Rename to create subfolders based on music genres for a more structured library.
  • Automatic Tagging: Leverage online databases like Freedb to automatically fill in missing tags based on file names.
  • Customizable Interface: Tailor the interface to your preferences by arranging columns and hiding unused features.
  • Regular Backups: Back up your music files and their tags regularly to prevent data loss.


  • ✅Free and Open-Source: Enjoy the benefits of a powerful tool without any licensing costs.
  • ✅Extensive Tag Editing: Edit a vast array of tags, ensuring your music collection is meticulously organized.
  • ✅Batch Processing: Save time and effort by editing and renaming hundreds of files simultaneously.
  • ✅Flexible Renaming: Create custom renaming patterns based on existing tags, file names, or user-defined formulas.
  • ✅User-Friendly Interface: A clean and intuitive interface makes navigating Tag&Rename’s features a breeze.
  • ✅Unicode Support: Works seamlessly with files containing characters from various languages.
  • ✅Regular Updates: Benefit from ongoing improvements and bug fixes from the developer.


  • ❌Limited Platform Support: Windows only, no Mac or Linux versions available.
  • ❌No Built-In Music Player: While it can edit tags for playback compatibility, Tag&Rename itself cannot play music files.
  • ❌Learning Curve: Some advanced features like mask editing might require some practice to master.
  • ❌Limited Customization: While the interface offers some customization, the overall look and feel might not be as modern as some paid alternatives.
  • ❌Potential Security Concerns: As with any free software download, it’s recommended to exercise caution and download from the official website.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Processor: 1 GHz or higher (recommended)
  • RAM: 512 MB (minimum), 1 GB or higher (recommended)
  • Hard Drive Space: 10 MB free space
  • Sound Card: Optional (for playback previews)

How to Install Tag&Rename Crack?

  • Click on the given download buttons.
  • Unzip and extract the setup file.
  • Install the setup and after downloading.
  • Run and execute the program.
  • Enjoy your program.

Note:  You need to turn off your internet connection and Windows guards before installation because they can detect keygen as a virus and remove these files from your computer.


Tag&Rename 3.9.15 empowers you to take control of your music library, transforming it from a disorganized mess into a meticulously organized and easily searchable haven. With its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and free availability, Tag&Rename is an essential tool for any music enthusiast. Download it today and experience the joy of a streamlined and perfectly categorized music collection!

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