PyCharm vs WebStorm: Which IDE is Right for You?

By | May 15, 2024

PyCharm vs WebStorm: Best IDE for JavaScript vs Python?

Pycharm Vs Webstorm: PyCharm and WebStorm are both powerful Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) created by JetBrains, offering a similar user experience and core features. While PyCharm excels in Python development with scientific and data analysis tools, WebStorm focuses on web development with deep integration for JavaScript frameworks like React and built-in support for build tasks.


  • WebStorm: Primarily designed for web development using JavaScript and related technologies like HTML, CSS, and TypeScript.
  • PyCharm: Primarily designed for Python development, but also offers good support for JavaScript and web development.



  • Strong support for JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js.
  • Built-in tools for working with build tools (Webpack, Gulp) and version control systems (Git).
  • Excellent code completion, refactoring, and debugging features specifically for JavaScript.


  • Extensive features for Python development, including scientific computing and data analysis tools.
  • Supports JavaScript and web development, but might require additional plugins for some frameworks.
  • Offers debugging, testing, and profiling tools specifically for Python.


  • WebStorm: Paid IDE with a free trial available.
  • PyCharm: Two versions – Professional (paid) with all features and Community (free) with limited features but good for basic Python development and web development with some plugin additions.

Choosing the right IDE:

Go with WebStorm if:

  • Your primary focus is JavaScript and web development.
  • You need deep integration with popular JavaScript frameworks.
  • You value features specifically designed to enhance the JavaScript development experience.

Go with PyCharm if:

  • Your primary focus is Python development, but you also do some JavaScript work.
  • You prefer a free IDE for web development (with the Community version and plugins).
  • You don’t mind installing additional plugins for specific web development needs.

Additional Considerations:

  • PyCharm Professional includes all the features of WebStorm. So, if you need both Python and comprehensive web development capabilities, PyCharm Professional might be a good option, though it’s more expensive than WebStorm.
  • Both IDEs are built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ platform, offering a similar user experience and many common features.

Ultimately, the best way to decide is to try out both WebStorm and PyCharm to see which one feels more comfortable and efficient for your workflow and development needs.

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